Privacy Policy

Trust from users is important to us, and EVSY is therefore concerned with safeguarding your privacy. In this privacy statement, we explain how and why we collect and use information about our users and how we take privacy into account.

1. Basics of personal information

Personal information is information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living natural person. Examples of personal information are name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Information about IP address and your user behavior when you use the services may also, depending on the circumstances, constitute personal information. Processing of personal data includes all use of personal data, such as collection, transfer and storage. Data controller means the party who alone or together with another party decides the purpose and manner in which the personal data is to be processed. The data controller has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that processing takes place in accordance with current legislation related to the handling of personal data. Kaufmann Ventures SPA (corp. RUT 77.110.169-0, Chile) is responsible for processing. See contact information below.

2. What kind of information do we collect?

In general, Kaufmann Ventures SPA seeks to minimize personal information collected. Web statistics We use Google Analytics and Google Maps API to better understand how people use our services, including what pages they go to, what they click on, where they come from and technical information about the device they are using. We ourselves do not have the opportunity to identify individuals in this database. The legal basis for storing this information is legitimate interest. We have a short life for the cookies, and they are limited to the relevant website. Information about events, clicks and the like is stored for 14 months. Google is the data processor of this information, which is stored in the United States or Europe and is covered by the Privacy Shield Agreement. We have entered into a data processor agreement with Google, and instructed Google to de-identify all IP addresses before data is stored, by masking the last part of the address.

3. Cookies

Google Analytics stores three cookies: _ga - to identify a user _gid - to distinguish users _gat - to limit the number of messages logged. The life of these cookies is limited to 60 days and they are limited to the path on the websites operated by EVSY. Please note that you can get other cookies on the internet domain on which we provide the service. These are automatically sent to us by your browser, but are not processed by EVSY.

4. How to contact us

If you have questions about our privacy statement or about our use of personal information, please contact us. Contact us at

5. Your rights

Everyone who asks has the right to basic information about the processing of personal data in a company. EVSY has provided such information in this statement. Everyone who is registered in our systems has rights in accordance with relevant legislation, which includes:To gain access to your own information, what we have stored about youThat incorrect, incomplete or information is corrected, deleted or supplementedTo be able to dispute our processing of dataTo be able to withdraw the consent you have givenThe right to data portability; To the extent relevant, to be able to transfer data that we have collected under consent, to another solutionRequests must be answered within 30 days by Kaufmann Ventures

6. Supervisory authority

Kaufmann Ventures is based in Chile, which is why the Data Inspectorate in Chile supervises Kaufmann Ventures.